ASIC IP RTL/TB Development – Looking for Freshers/Junior Engineers

Project Main Details

Job Description :- 
 We are a group building high performance configurable ASIC IPs that can fit inside a variety of products ranging from low power IoT ASICs to good performance Desktop/Server ASICs.  The work centers around some of the advanced areas of chip design such as Cache Coherency, Virtual Channels and traffic performances, Pipelining for high-speed data and control logic, Clock-gating and Power-gating etc.   

The work is in an advanced prototype stage and we plan to launch a product down the line. The team has people with chip-design experience in MNCs over decade and background of colleges as Indian Institute of Technology.

Job Requirements :- 
1) We are looking for freshers or junior engineers who can code RTL and sub-unit Testbench from scratch with engineering supervision and broad level Microachitecture and  Architecture Specs.
2) The person needs to have an excellent/good Verilog/SystemVerilog/Perl Skillset.
The  coding will be Perl mixed Verilog/SV.
3) Knowledge of Make, Python, Bash is an advantage, but not mandatory.
4) The person needs to have a good understanding of the basic building blocks of an ASIC/FPGA design. Understanding of advanced concepts (as coherency) is an advantage, but not mandatory.
5) The person should have good energy to finish work in a timely manner, passion for RTL/TB coding, attention to details and humility to learn from right feedback.

Who can Apply :- 
1) Fresher/junior engineers looking for an opportunity.2) People looking for training/upscaling in the domain can apply. 3) People looking to explore in-depth from scratch ASIC design can also apply.
Benefits :- 

1) Opportunity to work in complex ASIC product design from scratch.
2) Opportunity to learn alongside experienced and passionate engineers.
3) Monthly Stipend/Remuneration. 
4) Facility to work remotely.

How To Apply :- 

Please mention below points –
1) Your expertise level in Perl / Verilog/ System Verilog.
2) Top 5 (only) basic building blocks whose microarchitecture/code you understand well and can be asked about – (say FIFOs, Tracker logic etc).
3) How lines you have coded yourself in Verilog/Perl/SystemVerilog till date. (If you are vast experienced, and have coded many a projects, plz mention that.)
4) Which area between design/verification you are more interested in.

Place holder budget/time. More can be discussed.

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